Mouse Sensitivity 101: How to Match it for Fortnite Using a Sens Converter

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Although Battle Royale games like Fortnite are incredibly fun and satisfying, they’re equally as competitive. Staying on top of these games can be a bit of a pickle, especially if you’re new to the arena.  On the bright side, you don’t have to sit and watch as your opponents blast you to death every time. There are plenty of settings you can tweak to bring out the beast player in you.  One such setting is mouse sensitivity. 

Let’s break down why mouse sensitivity is critical, and most importantly, how to use a sensitivity calculator to convert your mouse sensitivity to Fortnite or any other game. We recommend syncing Fortnite with a super-efficient, and professional gaming training tool like 3D Aim Trainer to improve your aim in Fortnite, and overall gaming skills.

Why Mouse Sensitivity is of the Essence in Gaming

Even though other settings influence your aiming ability in FPS games, none does so quite like your mouse’s sensitivity. It determines the distance your mouse needs to travel to accurately move and position your crosshair in Fortnite and other shooters. Compared to low sensitivity settings, high sensitivity mouse settings make performing large camera angles at high speeds seamless but make it difficult for you to maintain mouse precision or make small adjustments. 

So, between high or low sensitivity, which is better? Although this is largely a matter of preferences and the game in question, high sensitivity is the way to go on Fortnite. This is because building is the most important element in this game and high sensitivity settings make your mouse more responsive to the directional adjustments you need to make in the process. For an enjoyable building and shooting experience on Fortnite, set your mouse sensitivity between 20 – 28 cm/360. 

In Fortnite, a low mouse sensitivity lowers your building speed and agility, which can decrease your chances of winning. The correct mouse sensitivity in Fortnite is important because it: 

  • Enhances your building speed and agility
  • Enables you to react appropriately 

Simply put, the right sensitivity allows you to attain your true potential in gaming. But how do you identify the perfect sensitivity for you across all games? Well, you could always try experimenting with your game of choice and then measuring the circumference you’ve moved your mouse using a ruler. Although this method works, it is time-consuming. Moreover, the results may be inaccurate.

Another way to determine ideal mouse sensitivity would be to review the sensitivity the best players use. There are plenty of websites that will give you all the information you need about Fortnite pro players settings so you can sync one on one with your favorite Fortnite player game settings, but keep in mind what works for one person may not work for you. 

Having said that, the best and most efficient way to go about finding your ideal sensitivity would be to use a mouse sensitivity calculator such as

How to Use a Sensitivity Calculator to Convert Your Mouse Sensitivity to Fortnite

As the name implies, a mouse sensitivity converter is a tool you can use to switch or change mouse sensitivity between games. It allows you to take the in-game sensitivity of one video game, and transfer it to another game for maximum efficiency. For instance, if you are playing CS: GO, you can transfer the exact same sensitivity settings you are using to Fortnite using this mouse sens converter.

How to Change Sensitivity for Fortnite

Most Fortnite mouse sensitivity calculators are pretty straightforward to use. To change mouse sensitivity for Fortnite you will need to key in the following into the mouse sens converter:

  • The name of the game you want to convert mouse sensitivity from to Fortnite
  • The Dots per inch(DPI) of the mouse you are using 
  • The mouse sensitivity you use in the said game 
  • The name of the game you are converting to (Fortnite)
  • The DPI of the mouse you plan on using to play Fortnite 

Once you enter the above information, sens converter will automatically display the converted sensitivity values.  If you don’t know the DPI of your mouse but plan on using it for Fortnite, you can always input default DPI values. However, if you plan on using a different mouse for Fortnite, ensure you check its DPI out.

The Benefits of Matching Mouse Sensitivity Across Different Games

Learning how to change mouse sensitivity for Fortnite, and maintaining the same sensitivity across all games you like to play within the same genre is beneficial because:

1. It Strengthens Muscle Memory

Remember the first time you ever played a video game? You had to start by learning the controls, and after several sessions of being killed by your opponents, things began getting easier.

After several weeks, every move that once was difficult became effortless, and you could even do it without concentrating. All this was possible because of your muscle memory. Muscle memory is built through constant repetition of the same actions and moves. When you use the same mouse sensitivity settings across all your games, you improve your muscle memory because your brain creates a neural pathway that allows you to execute the same mouse movements with minimal to no conscious effort.

2. It Enhances Your Gaming Capabilities

With improved muscle memory comes the decreased need for concentration on your mouse movements. You don’t have to waste any time getting used to your gaming mouse whenever you switch to a different video game because your brain already knows what to do. This enhances your gaming capabilities and significantly increases your winning streaks on Fortnite because you have more room to focus on other important aspects of the game instead of mouse movements.

Other Ways to Improve Your Fortnite Performance

Now that you know how to change mouse sensitivity for Fortnite using a sensitivity calculator, here are other ways to improve your performance in this coveted Battle Royale game:

Invest in a Good Mouse

A quality mouse is paramount to your performance on Fortnite. Be sure to invest in one and while at it, ensure it’s a gaming mouse. This is critical because while a normal mouse usually has 1,000Dpi, a mouse specifically for gaming may have up to 4,000Dpi. It will also feature specially positioned buttons to make your experience even more smooth-sailing. 

Besides DPI, the most important factor to consider while shopping for one is the size. It should be at least 66% of your hand’s length so you can aim accurately and with ease. Also, ensure you consider the type of sensor. Gaming mice can feature either optical or laser sensors. Optical mice are more popular among gamers because they are more reactive, and do not exhibit lag. Other important features to look out for while shopping for a gaming mouse are its weight, and whether or not it’s wireless.

Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

If you have never tried to tweak your mouse settings, your mouse acceleration is probably on. To improve performance, and maximize the benefits of matching your sensitivity for Fortnite, you need to turn it off. 

Having your mouse acceleration on impacts the way it responds after you move it because Windows is trying to assist you. Although this feature was incorporated to improve your mouse’s response, it can get in the way of you winning by altering the action you intend to perform when you move your mouse. 

So, always ensure you turn it off not just for Fortnite, but for all other games you love as well. To turn this setting off, do the following:

  • Go to mouse settings
  • Click “change mouse settings” 
  • Click “additional mouse settings 
  • Click on “Pointer options” on the dialogue box that appears
  • Turn off acceleration by unchecking the “enhance pointer precision” box, and then click apply and okay to execute the changes

Use a Professional Aim Training Tool

Playing Fortnite repeatedly is good for your muscle memory, but if you are looking to boost your aim and overall Fortnite gaming skills, you will want to use a professional aim training tool. 

This is because when you play Fortnite repeatedly, you spend most of your time running around and looting instead of practicing your aim or fighting opponents. But when you use a professional training tool like 3D Aim Trainer, you get to improve your overall Fortnite performance because they mainly focus on the mentioned aspects. You also get a plethora of gaming scenarios you can try out to improve your skills.

This is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to improve a specific skill. With this tool you can select one scene and use it to train over and over again. For instance, if you usually find it difficult to take down your opponents while they’re on an elevated area, you can use an aim trainer to practice your aim at elevated targets over and over until you build muscle memory for such a shot.

Update Fortnite Mouse Drivers

You also need to ensure your mouse drivers are up to date if you are to enjoy the full-fledged benefits of matching mouse sensitivity settings. 

To update mouse drivers manually, visit the manufacturer’s website, select the latest drivers available, and update. Make sure the drivers are compatible with your mouse’s model hardware and the version of Windows you use.

Master Other Settings

Although mouse sensitivity is inarguably necessary, there’s more to Fortnite than just sensitivity settings. That said, now that you can match your sensitivity settings across different games, you have one less thing to worry about while playing Fortnite. This allows you to master other settings and take your opponents down effortlessly and satisfyingly.

Join the Pros and Improve Your Fortnite Skills Today

Mouse sensitivity settings can be significantly different between unalike gaming engines and sometimes between games sharing the same engine.

In the past, it used to be that the only way to change this sensitivity was only through the manual, the circumference-measuring method described earlier, or by comparing the sensitivity of pro-gamers. But now we have mouse sensitivity calculators. Thanks to this tool, you can seamlessly change and maintain the same mouse sensitivity for Fortnite and any other games you love and enjoy a smooth gaming experience regardless of the title.

Need more pointers on how to improve your aim at Fortnite? Learn the professional way by joining 3D Aim trainer today.