How to Improve Reaction Time, What Affects It, and 6 Key Ways to Have the Fastest Reaction Time

How to Improve Reaction Time for Gaming. 6 Ways to Have the Fastest Reaction Time

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Ultimate Guide to Improving Reaction Time Picture this: You are one of the last characters standing in the Battle Royale, Apex Legend. The only thing standing between you and winning is one opponent. With utmost caution, you parkour across the roof looking for positional advantage. As you set yourself up, you catch a slight […]

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CS GO Crosshair, CSGO Pro Crosshairs

Best CSGO Crosshair

Reading Time: 6 minutes 4 Pro Crosshairs for CSGO, How to Select the Best One Choosing the right type, no! The best CSGO crosshair to play with may seem like a matter of personal preference; however, there are many aspects you should take into consideration before making that decision. Understand that fitting yourself with the right crosshair could help […]

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Mouse DPI & eDPI Cover (1)

Mouse DPI Settings & eDPI

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is mouse sensitivity and the difference between DPI & eDPI Mouse DPI (Dots Per Inch) is a hot topic among gamers as many are searching for the best mouse DPI settings for numerous FPS games. Still, this is fundamentally wrong as it only covers one part of the story. The important thing they should […]

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Best VALORANT Settings for PC

Reading Time: 7 minutes From Valorant Sensitivity to Gaming Gear. The Full Setup Guide Valorant Settings and Choosing the Right Valorant Sensitivity Mouse sensitivity is overall a personal preference, and while some players have high sensitivities (20cm / 360° Turn) and others quite low (60cm / 360° Turn) there are some guidelines when it comes to Valorant and for […]

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The Science behind Aiming How to Achieve Consistent Aim via Motor Learning, 3D AIm Trainer

The Science behind Aiming How to Achieve Consistent Aim via Motor Learning

Reading Time: 11 minutes Consistent aim between 3D Aim Trainer and it’s 10 supported FPS Games Consistent aim between game and 3D Aim Trainer. This video clip demonstrates true consistent aim between a supported game and our 3D Aim Trainer platform. This is accomplished by synchronizing both in game mouse-sensitivity and (FOV) field of view between game and 3D […]

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