Overwatch 2 Aim Trainer Guide: How to get better aim

A complete breakdown of the top aim training exercises used by PRO players.

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How to improve your aim in Overwatch 2?

To improve your aim in Overwatch 2 here's what you should do:

1. It's important to analyze what's going wrong first.

Are you always missing important shots? Maybe on Widow you miss many easy shots and end up losing team fights. Or you play Tracer and your aim tracking is simply disgraceful. Keep reading to learn what's important for this game and then discover your weak points with 3D Aim Trainer.

2. Get the aim basics right.

Normally you'd think you can finish a flabby target with one clip, but it takes you multiple clips because your aim tracking is awful. This is a sign that you need to work on your core aim skills - tracking, flicking, clicking and target switching.

3. Pick an aim training routine for overwatch 2 and stick to it.

This ensures consistent practice and long term gains. In the next section you can find an aim training workshop routine with specific exercises for every day of the week.

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How to practice your aim in this game with 3D Aim Trainer

When it comes to routines the golden rule to improve your aim in this game is to train every day for half an hour, not once a week for 3 hours.

Overwatch 2 aim training workshop

Effective aim practice for Overwatch 2 entails various exercises designed specifically to train your muscle memory, improve reaction speed and coordination and aim tracking and flicking subskills.

All of these exercises for Overwatch work in synergy if you dedicate enough time and effort. That's why it's important to stick to this aim training practice.

Remember: Start with the basic difficulty levels where available! When you get a gold medal on all Basic levels - move to the Intermediate difficulty. It's normal to advance faster in some levels while you struggle in others.

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Overwatch 2 key features

  • Different heroes with different abilities in 4 classes
  • Coordination and teamwork
  • High volume of shooting, infinite ammo
  • High Time to Kill
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Required skills

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What to train for your Overwatch 2 Aim?

To practice your Overwatch 2 aim you need to focus largely on 4 parts of your aim skill-set:

  • Fast reactions
  • Owning various flick distances
  • Expert aim tracking
  • Building muscle memory though practice

The caveat here is that if you dedicate efforts to practicing these aspects of your aim mechanics with the Overwatch 2 Aim Trainer routine above you will inevitably improve! Here's what each of them means for your improved aim:

Reaction Speed

Reaction Speed

Overwatch 2 is a game that forces you to shoot a lot. The faster you react, the faster you will start hitting the targets and potentially deplete their HP before they do the same to you! Specific exercises on 3D Aim Trainer act as a workout for your reactions and reflexes.

Aim Flicking

Aim Flicking

Depending on the hero you choose aim flicking can be more or less important, but you should never neglect it. Exercises that train you to position your crosshair properly and minimize the time required to flick your aim from your start position to your target's head are essential.

Aim Tracking

Aim Tracking

Another crucial Overwatch 2 aim skill that you need to master in order to track and take out randomly moving targets. Your goal should be to be able to track the target that moves while you are also moving.

Aim Practice

Aim Practice

Practicing on your aim with an aim trainer routine has less pressure than losing a match for your teammates. You can focus on the important stuff and build your muscle memory faster.

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Why do these aim exercises work for this game?

Training your aim in Overwatch 2 using the suggested exercise routine will help you in two ways:

1. By delivering the perfect environment and exercises to train your aim depending on the hero you'd like to play with and the aim subskills most relevant for its gameplay nuances, be it aim flicking, tracking or strafe aiming. This way you will fully utilize the potential of "Tank" heroes like D.Va, Reinhardt or Winston, "Damage" heroes like Ashe, Cassidy or Genji, or "Support" heroes like Ana, Kiriko and Baptiste.

2. Build muscle memory and mouse control faster through dedicated aim practice of the core aim mechanics needed for this game.

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Bonus: Overwatch 2 Tricks that will help you fine-tune your aim!

The mouse sensitivity and eDPI settings are very important for your aim in this game and you can enjoy a great improvement by tweaking your mouse settings. Take advantage of our Overwatch Mouse Sensitivity Converter if you need to calculate what sensitivity is the most appropriate for you. Sometimes too high mouse sensitivity is the culprit for overshooting your target which hinders aim tracking.

Got Questions?

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