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Everything you need to know to improve your aim in COD Warzone and MW in one simple aim training guide!

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How to improve your aim in COD Warzone PC game?

One of the most important things for getting better in COD games for PC is the fact that to be able to win, a lot of practice and dedication are required.

You must work on improving your reactions, crosshair control, the accuracy of your aim while moving and anticipating the movement of your enemies! Almost every year we have a new addition to the COD franchise. Around the end of 2022 Warzone 2 was released and it included the new DMZ mode besides the battle royale experience.

If you play Warzone, Warzone 2 or COD MW, you can learn some tips & tricks here. This guide includes a deep-dive into the 4 skills important for your aim, a simple Call of Duty training routine to follow, how to practice and why this method works.

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Practice your aim with a COD Warzone Aim Trainer Routine

Winning in COD MW or Warzone requires hours of practice and dedication. You need to pick an adequate COD training routine and stick to it.

You can learn to aim better in COD in under 30min a day!

You can't become a top player unless you dedicate a total of 5-6 hours of aim training and playing in the game on a daily basis. Training hard and practicing is what's common among pro athletes.

Challenge yourself playing against players on the same or higher level than you. Otherwise you'll stay in your comfort zone forever no matter how much Call of Duty practice you have.

Below you can find the 30 min Daily COD Aim Trainer plan with the exact repetitions you need to do. It’s better to train every day for 30mins than once a week for 3h.

Remember: Start with the basic difficulty levels where available! When you get a gold medal on all Basic levels - move to the Intermediate difficulty. It's normal to advance faster in some levels while you struggle in others.

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COD Warzone key features

  • Gradual building of tension
  • Variety of combat scenarios with longer engagement distance
  • Necessity for reading enemy movement
  • Low to very low time to kill
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Required skills

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What to train for your COD Warzone Aim?

Train your Warzone aim by using a routine like the one here. It is the most suitable because it includes exercises that will help you with these 4 top priorities:

  • Fast reactions
  • Advanced crosshair control for precise target acquisition
  • Aim accuracy while in motion
  • Predicting enemy movements

Develop your high-level aim ability within these categories using 3D Aim Trainer as your trusted Call of Duty Aim Trainer and you will achieve additional benefits that battle royale experience and strategy alone cannot provide. Here's what you can improve:

Strategy Aid

Strategy Aid

Learn your gun's characteristics like recoil and spread. Study the maps so you know where danger could surprise you. Master your movement. Add a perfect aim to the mix and those synergies will give you more strategic freedom in battles.

Time to Kill

Time to Kill

The low TTK in COD means you have to be fully prepared and ready to aim and react fast. You might end up dying faster than you can physically react to the situation.



Movement and how you aim while moving is a key here. Strafing, jumping, crouching, cancel sliding are crucial to learn and exploit in battles, especially in 1-vs-many situations. Make it harder for your enemies to guess where your next peek will be.



Predicting enemy movement is crucial for correct crosshair positioning and mouse control over moving targets which both are necessary for successful aim tracking in COD Warzone.



Variable engagement distances on the Call of Duty maps are allowing for gameplay with short and long gap between you and your enemy, so you must be comfortable with both.

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Why do these aim exercises work?

These exercises for COD Warzone work because:

1. They help you turn your COD Aim into a safety net that lets you escape many heated scenes regardless of how difficult they might seem. You will be victorious in bad fights and survive encounters where you were wrongly positioned or made a bad decision thanks to your stellar aim.

2. Doing them consistently will improve your reflexes and muscle memory over time. Having accurate aim is going to be less of a deliberate effort and more of a habit that comes naturally while you play.

When you get used to the coordinated response of your eyes, brain and hands when aiming your body will get more efficient in it. You will feel your aim reactions improving and your accuracy getting better. More of your shots will land and your K/D ratio will demonstrate it.

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Call of Duty in-game settings

If you want to improve your gameplay in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare, the best place to start is with your settings. Optimizing your PC settings for COD brings you closer to winning.

GFX In FPS games like Call of Duty Warzone it’s important that you clear vision of your enemy as much as possible, that’s why it’s highly recommended to tweak the in-game graphics settings in order to get the best visibility and performance available. When we look at the GFX settings in the options menu, the following settings should be either reduced or turned off.

Custom Frame Rate - Unlimited This will make sure your GPU is spitting out as many frames as possible for the most fluent experience.

Depth of Field - OFF This simulates a camera lens effect which creates a blurry effect on the surrounding when your scope isn’t focused on it. This makes spotting enemies on the edge of your screen harder than it should be so turn it off.

Ambient Occlusion - OFF Ambient occlusion is an advanced lightning effect which makes lightning and shadows more dynamic, the effect is that dark areas are even darker and bright areas are brighter. This makes enemies harder to spot in dark areas as the surrounding is darker than when turned OFF.

Anti-Aliasing / Screen Space Reflection - OFF AA makes edges more refined, turning it off however makes the game a bit sharper and improves your overall visibility.

Filmic Strength / Grain - 0.00 When you are playing your ace game you don’t want any film grain obstructing your vision.

World Motion / Weapon Motion Blur - Disabled When fast swiping your mouse you don’t want a blurry filter obstructing your vision making it harder to see enemies, so disable it.

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Call of Duty MW audio & mouse sensitivity settings

Mouse Sensitivity You will have to switch targets frequently and potentially cover some big angles in between. Hence, bumping your mouse sensitivity a notch isn’t a bad idea, especially when this advice is coming from tactical shooters for making sure you don’t run out of mouse pad when fast-switching from one target to another.

Aim Down Sight (ADS) Sensitivity - Relative & Multiplier (1.00) Mid to low mouse sensitivities around 30-55cm/360 are quite common among players in Call of Duty: Warzone. Higher or even lower sensitivities are also viable options so you are better off experimenting yourself to calculate the setting that best suit you - use our COD Sensitivity Converter if you need help converting your sens settings between COD and other games.

Mouse Smoothing - Filtering - Acceleration - OFF You don’t want that the camera movement is linked to the speed at which you move your mouse as this messes with your muscle memory so turn all of this OFF.

Audio Mix - Boost In order for you to hear your enemy’s footsteps as clear as possible, boost your audio mix as it really bumps the sounds that matter for locating your enemy and mute’s the rest to the background.

World Motion / Weapon Motion Blur - Disabled When fast swiping your mouse you don’t want a blurry filter obstructing your vision making it harder to see enemies, so disable it.

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