Fortnite Aim Trainer Guide: Step-by-step instructions to improve

Have you ever felt frustrated while playing Fortnite? Here's a compulsory Aim Training Fortnite Guide to prevent you from losing!

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How to improve Fortnite aim?

Although it felt a bit too cartoonish, Fortnite incorporates the fundamental elements of a skill-based, highly competitive FPS title. This game is an intricate Battle Royale tactical shooter. It mixes the idea of adapting the environment to your needs with refined aiming and movement mechanics. There are various different key important things you need to do if you want to become a pro in this game and rank in the top of the ladder:

- improve your aim in Fortnite

- Master building basics and choose the right building materials

- Understand survival tactics in the Fortnite environment

Focus on all of the important elements that you need to train and learn for this game. Firstly, how well you can aim is influenced by your building skills. Players try to gain higher ground by climbing player-generated 3D Structures. Take advantage of these verticalities of varying heights and shapes in battle and learn what this means for your aim and gunplay. Additionally, the relatively high Time to Kill (TTK) and close-quarter box fights mean that your Aim Trainer Fortnite routine must focus on both vertical aim control and click speed.

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How to practice your aim in Fortnite with 3D Aim Trainer

All of the exercises listed below are completely free and you can start training your aim online or via our dedicated app on Steam!

The Complete Fortnite Aim Training Drills

There are literally thousands of different training scenarios for improving your aim but it doesn't make sense to waste your time on doing every exercise and then realizing it is not beneficial for your Fortnite Aim.

3D Aim Trainer, with the help of some of the best former PROs, created a selection of the best training exercises and packed them into the powerful Fortnite Training Routine below.

Remember: Start with the basic difficulty levels where available! When you get a gold medal on all Basic levels - move to the Intermediate difficulty. It's normal to advance faster in some levels while you struggle in others.

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Fortnite key features

  • Adapt the environment to your needs
  • Building materials, deadly weapons and explosives
  • Tight spaces & up-close gunplay
  • Very low TTK (Time to Kill)
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Required skills

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What to train for your Fortnite Aim?

The best Fortnite Aim Trainer must focus on facilitating you with an Aim training routine that targets the aim skillset which corresponds to the gameplay of this specific game. Let's give you a tip - for this game it means:

  • High aim accuracy
  • Preparation for 1v1 close range combat
  • Utilizing various stances like Jumping, Crouching
  • Dominating crosshair control
  • Moving quickly, positioning and anticipating

When you train your Fortnite aim enough with the correct exercises you will improve your overall output and it will make it easier for you to start focusing on the other necessary aspects of your performance. Your first choice should involve practicing with an Aim Trainer for Fortnite and we got you covered! You should train:



Aim at the center of the body of your enemy instead of pursuing headshots all the time. You'll get better chance of inflicting damage when the enemy is jumping to run away or crouching to avoid headshots.

1 vs 1

1 vs 1

You'll encounter enemies at various ranges and heights. Use your weapon combo accordingly! In a close combat scenario like running into a house you're better off using a shotgun than a rifle. As the saying goes - keep cool, calm and collected!



The old saying "always be moving" applies to this game too. Jump around or crouch often when you're not shooting. Make it difficult for the enemy to predict your move. Slow down when you need accuracy for your shots. Crouching while shooting also makes a difference.



The weapons, their bullet types and your movement all affect your crosshair. If you're jumping you will notice your crosshair getting bigger, meaning less accuracy for your shots. Standing still does the opposite. You need to learn how the "bloom" mechanic works in this game.



When using the sniper you need to have in mind the bullet drop. Aiming at the head of a short-distance enemy will result in an accurate shot. If you are far away you need to test how high you have to aim to counter the bullet drop so that your shot lands in the correct place.



The distance between you and your target and your positioning determine the offset angle when you're shooting. If you are on a higher ground, point your aim where the target is heading to. With snipers, predict the movement and shoot a little over the expected location to adjust your aim for the bullet travel. Seeing the right angles will come with practice.

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Why do these aim exercises work for this game?

There are two reasons why this routine is perfect for Fortnite Aim training.

1. The selected exercises are for training your most relevant aim competencies:

  • Performing accurate aim flicks and positioning the crosshair quickly are decisive
  • You will learn to react to changes in the environment and control your aim while in different stances and fast-paced situations
  • You will achieve superior control on vertical and horizontal fields in 1v1 close combat clashes
  • You will explore shooting at an angle and experiment with the tactical implications of target distancing

2. Practicing creates greater improvement over time! You are pursuing an integral approach to aim training for Fortnite which means you will achieve sustainable improvement and you will know exactly what you did to make it better.

Applying these aim training tips and the routine above is the shortcut to a more skilled and daring experience when playing your favorite game!

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Bonus: Fortnite Tricks (sensitivity, settings, tips and more) that will help you fine-tune your aim!

Check the Fortnite Mouse Sensitivity Converter if you need help setting up the most suitable mouse sens settings for you!

If you now started practicing your aim for Fortnite and you need additional tips to further cement your progress, check our blog post about the Best PC and console settings for Fortnite! It can further help you with eliminating lag, graphics tweaks or mouse sensitivity settings!

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